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Mythological story of Neptune and Pluto.

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Mythological story of Neptune and Pluto.

Neptune - This is the Eighth planer as counted outwards from Sun in Solar system. Its orbit is so eccentric and sometimes reaches very nearer to Sun. it has a weak blue colour. It is very difficult to observe Neptune with naked eye. Johann Galle of Germany discovered this planet in 1846. This planet is 17 time as heavy as that of Earth, but not as dense as that of Earth. This planet has eight known satellites and it also has several rings around it. It travels around Sun once in every 165 Earth years. It spins on its axis in about 16 hrs, and is tilted about 300. The atmosphere of Neptune mostly consists of Hydrogen, Helium, Water and Silicates. Thick clouds cover the surface. The surface temperature is about 2140 C, Neptune has three fainter rings and consists of particles of dust.

Pluto - This is the farthest and ninth planet of solar system. This was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh during 1929. This is the coldest plant. This planet is partly covered with frozen Methane and the atmosphere mainly consists of methane, traces of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Recently concluded International Astronomical Union has declassified the status of Pluto from planet to a `dwarf planet`. Its orbit is more eccentric and crosses sometimes the Neptune`s orbit. Its axis is inclined about 12th, it has an estimated diameter of 2300km which is less than 175th that of Earth. It travels around the Sun in an elliptical orbit about 248 years. It spins on its axis in about 6 earth days. The Pluto has one known satellite `Charon`.

- M. Anjaneyulu, 14/04/2017


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