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Mythological story of Saturn.

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Mythological story of Saturn.

Saturn is Surya-Putra (Child of Sun). His mother`s name is Chhaya; hence he is called Chhaya-putra. Saturn was passionate and in deep love with his wife. On one bad day he neglected his wife inadvertently. His wife got furious and cursed him that whomever he sees they would perish. From that time onwards he looks downwards and never looks anyone straight. There was a grand festival at Kailash where birthday of Lord Ganesh was being celebrated by Goddess Parvati.

All Gods were happy and blessed the child but Saturn  looking downwards and elsewhere blessed the Ganesh. Goddess Parvati observed Saturn and asked him why he is not blessing her child in a proper way. Saturn explained the reason, however, Goddess Parvati insisted that he should look at Ganesh and bless him, let what may come. Saturn looked at the head of Ganesh and blessed, immediately Lord Ganesh head was burnt away leaving the body. Goddess Parvati was fainted for some time, meanwhile Lord Vishnu ran very fast on his chariot Garuda and brought a head of Elephant and kept on the body of the Lord Ganesh and made him alive.

After some time Goddess Parvati regained her consciousness and looked at the child. She was so furious  and cursed Saturn. For none of his fault he got the second curse. Saturn prayed Goddess Parvati for relief. Goddess Parvati realised her fault and blessed Saturn by way of giving boon of concentration, detachment, long life and good place amongst planets. She also blessed him that her curse will be very mild resulting to laziness.

King Dasharatha, The father of Lord Rama has also prayed Saturn not to give troubles to his people when Saturn is about to transit the constellation Rohini. He prayed Saturn with a stotra by name Sankata Stotra. This reads “Namah Krishnaya nilaya kshitikanth nibhaya cha…” Saturn was pleased about Dasharatha`s prayer and granted him a boon that his transit over constellation Rohini will not cause adverse results. Whoever performs pooja with this stotra will gat blessings of Saturn. In reality, Saturn makes a person wiser by providing opportunities for learning through hard work.

Saturn signifies spirituality, longevity, humiliations, depressions, aloofness, servitude and servants. It provides ample opportunities for spiritual development and provides a detached outlook towards worldly affairs.

- M. Anjaneyulu, 14/04/2017


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