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Results of moon in twelve house.

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Results of moon in twelve house.

Moon is the celestial queen of the zodiac and karaka for mind and mother. Moon exalts in Taurus and owns Cancer. It is a feminine planet. Moon is exaltation/own house not afflicted, gives auspicious results to the native. Moon gives the following results in twelve houses. moon gives the following results in twelve houses.

First house – The natives with Moon’s placement in lagna have a beautiful body, whitish complexion, fatty disposition, social and educated. They are loved by opposite sex, moderate height and wavering mind and are good communicators.

Second house – Moon’s placement in second house makes one handsome, intelligent, poetic and diplomatic, the natives will earn well, magnetic personalities, beautiful eyes and respected by others.

Third house – Moon in third house makes one thin, intelligent and unscrupulous. They also become educationists, travelers, active and adulterated. They also have strong mind.

Fourth house – The natives will be sakillful and like perfumes. They are well dressed, polite with good manners, highly educated, rich, successful and very happy relations with mother. They are knack in getting the things done by others.

Fifth house – Moon in fifth house makes one intelligent, diplomatic and achieves high position. They gain through agriculture, breaks in education and have qualities of showmanship. They get beautiful spouse.

Sixth house – Moon in sixth house makes one sickly, illicit relations with window, poor and alcoholic. They are short tempered though intelligent, submissive to opposite sex and lazy with lot of enemies. They are trouble by cousin/co-borns.

Seventh house – Moon in seventh house makes one narrow minded, jealousy and passionate. They are fond of opposite sex, lacks  maternal happiness, engaged in several activities. They will have a beautiful husband / wife. They are sociable and successful entrepreneurs.

Eighth house – Moon in eighth house makes one lean, thin and unhealthily. Longevity to mother is questionable. Hot temperament, bad eye-sight, kidney problems and unsteady mind. They tend to get diseases easily.

Ninth house – Moon’s placement in ninth house makes one healthy, active, majestic and popular. They are well read, religious, devotional, wealthy with good children. They are founders of charitable institutes. They acquire immovable property, agricultural lands and travelers. They also acquire knowledge in occult sciences.

Tenth house – Tenth house placement of Moon makes a native diplomatic, bold, skillful, achieves high positions. They have many friends and success through them. They are wealthy, long life and active, owners of religious institutes. They help others and in turn helped by them.

Eleventh house – Moon’s placement in eleventh house makes one educated, artistic and influential. They have many children and many friends. They are philanthropic, cultured, donors with many principles. They get helps from opposite sex.

Twelfth house – Moon’s placement in twelfth house makes one poor, narrow minded, weak, deceived by others and solitary. They face troubles while traveling in foreign countries. The natives will have deformed body.

M. Anjaneyulu, 24-08-2017
from Laws of Nature Book


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