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Result of Sun in twelve house.

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Result of Sun in twelve house.

Sun is the celestial King and represents soul, father, fire, brain, heart and eyes of the native. Sun exalts in the sign Aries and owns Lew. It means it has full strength to express its characters to the native. The following are the results of Sun’s position in the various houses.

First house – Sun ‘s placement in first house makes a native to have a good physique with majestic appearance. The natives will be intelligent, humanitarian, found of doing good work. Strong willpower, generous, with hot temperament. They are inclined to do pioneering works.

Second house – Sun’s placement in second house makes on as scientist with fixed ideas. The natives will have wrinkled face. They will have problems of speech.

Third house – The natives will be restless, courageous and travels distant places. They will have problems of speech.

Third house – The natives will be restless, courageous and travels distant places. They are wealthy, intelligent, become famous for their adventurous deeds. Successful in games and sports.

Fourth house – Sun in fourth house makes one a traveler in foreign countries. They are recognized for their good deeds. Success normally comes after middle age. They will have weak constitution, philosophical, spoils paternal property, unhappy mind and bad relations with others.

Fifth house – The natives have few children, fatty with paternal problems. They are tactful, intelligent, diplomatic and lovers of fine arts. They are normally poor with less children.

Sixth house – The natives are good administrators, friendly, bold and wealthy. They are very good planners, achieve success over Enemies and executors of work. they have few relations.

Seventh house - The natives who are having sun in 7th house will normally get late and troubled marriage. Obedient two females, wealth from women, Torrent Travels and foreign things and get travels from women.

Eight house - Sun in 8th house makes one long lived. week constitution, eye problems, sudden ups and downs in career, normal life and unexpected health problem.

Ninth house - Sun in ninth house makes one and astronomer, astrologer, religious, successful and less money from and especially from father. the native will be very active, thankful, hardworking, self earned landed property and lovers of music. they become good agriculturists, diplomatics and and entrepreneurs.

Tenth house - The native have good professional success, military leaders, healthy and educated. Their Political career maybe eventful and achieve by profession and have duty bound sons. They have a lot of personal magnetism, quick in action and founders of educational Institutes.

Eleventh house - Sun in 11th house makes one rich, learned and famous. They become good scholars, friendly, principled with well reputation. they achieve success with ease.

Twelfth house - Sun in 12th house makes one poor, stealing, and successful and neglected by others. they are lovers of occult Sciences, foreign travelers have and uneven lambs and get difficulties from children. 

- M. Anjaneyulu, 12/08/2017
From Laws of Nature Book


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