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Planet These Days Affecting You & World

Principle of Reincarnation
Theory of reincarnation is highly related to the transmigration of the soul from one body to the other through the birht, death and rebirth cycle. In this context, the bodies are classified into three:

  1. Physical Body : This is the physical body of a soul. The soul changes physical body like one change torn clothes to new clothes from one birth to next birth. It is believed that the birth of a human being will come to the soul after innumerable births by doing good deeds.
  2. Casual Body: This is the body, the soul attains in one birth to perform a particular karma either in the form of animal or human being. This will be limited to one birth. This body represents the karmas performed in one particular birth.
  3. Astral Body: This is the subtle astral body which has no destruction and directly related to the soul. As long as astral body is not destroyed by way of good deeds and makes the assets and liabilities of a soul zero, the cycle of births and rebirths does not end. Once the astral body through various births achieves a zero balance, then it is perceived that one attains salvation i.e. merging astral body with almighty.
Every individual has an innate karmic influence, which one calls as purushardha. This is nothing but action with reference to one’s capability. Every man has to act so as to live.


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