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Jyotish Manthan August 2021


Jyotish Manthan print and e-magazine is deemed to be a pure classical work being published monthly for the last sixteen years. This magazine is away from commercial tactics. Published since 1999, this magazine is committed to teach Vedic education from its purest form to simple public language for the purpose of benefit of masses.
For famous for accurate and wonderful astrological predictions and its success rate is maximum in India. The matter to be published in magazine qualifies only after screening of a team of renowned astrologers. That is the reason of credibility of Jyotish Manthan.
This magazine represents Vedic India and has a great connection with ancient India legacy and culture. Serious in nature this magazine do not gift cheap and fictitious gifts as compare to others. A job considering planets and deities is taken to be in spiritual way.
Articles relating to research, education material, problem solutions, panchang, rituals, auspicious and inauspicious days, monthly and annual rashi forecast are written by famous astrologers. Articles on Dharma, Darshan and spiritualism enable this magazine to be in the top of this cadre.

This issue of Jyotish Manthan will published only on E-magazine format.

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