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For a practical study of Feng-shui a complete knowledge of the 5 elements and the sources of the 8 directions is an absolute (a complete) necessity. After completely understanding these source you can find out the best energy and the best directions and can derive maximum benefits from the auspricious Chi or energy.

The principles of fengshui fulfill the desired tasks according to the principles of nature and not against them. This fact is automatically confirmed by its meaning. Feng Shi means air and water. It has been revealed (Stated) in our ancient civilizations (cultures) that our life and destiny are minutely imbibed in our atmosphere. Our building styles, the lay out and interior décor of our homes and officers etc all have a great effect on us all living things are related to and operated by Chi, the energy of the universe. This energy is invisible and it is also called life energy. This invisible energy is amply present in things around us and it has direct effect on our lives. This life energy or universal energy can beneficially be used for the betterment of our lives forms the basis of Fengshui.

Before finding (knowing) now it works we will first and fore nest have to understand every thing very close by and will have to clearly identify the trouble spots in the house or in the office otherwise the remedies suggested by us can prove to be wrong. It is very important to understand how Fengshui works. Getting homes and offices rid of problems (troubles) is an important task of Fengshui.


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