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Distance Learning Course by International Vastu Academy

Distance Learning Course by International Vastu Academy
The major difference between correspondence course and distance learning course is the field training. In correspondence course there is a provision of 15 days field training at the head quarters Jaipur whereas in distance learning program there is a provision of case study. Distance learning program is designed especially for those residing abroad and cannot come to India for field training. However, if one having done distance learning course visits India and joins field training program scheduled after the closing session of the correspondence course, we allow him and the certificate is upgraded and a mention of field training is made on the certificate.

Duration :    12 Months
Important Feature :    Case Study
Medium :    Hindi, English
Study Material :    Provided by the Academy
Eligibility for Examination :    Age must be 18 years

Course Curriculum


Description of planets, zodiac signs, position of planets in different houses. Planets

  1. Description of planets & lords of planets.
  2. Natural significations of planets.
  3. Exalted, debilitated and mool trikona signs of planets.
  4. Retrogression & combustion.
  5. Description of nakshatras.
  6. State of planets (Mudit, Vriddha etc.)
  7. Mutual relationship of planets.

Zodiac Signs
  1. Description of 12 zodiac signs (elements, symbol etc.)
  2. Lord of zodiac signs and their characters.
  3. Zodiac signs as ascendant and Moon sign.
  4. Impact of ascendant and Moon sign on a person.

Understanding a horoscope
  1. Description of 12 houses of a horoscope.
  2. Apoklim, Trishadaya, Kendra, Trikona, Panphar.
  3. Factors associated with each house of horoscope.
  4. Yogkarak planets, Ayogkarak.
  5. Lordship of planets.
  6. Acquired and Natural significance of planets.
  7. Aspects of planets.
  8. Yogas.
  9. Kendradhipatya Dosh.
  10. Dasha.
  11. Shadbala.

  1. Inner and outer planets.
  2. Sayan and Niryan (Sidereal & Tropical Zodiac signs)
  3. Standard time, local time, sidereal time, Greenwich time, basic definition.
  4. Precession of equinox.
  5. Moon’s Nodes.
  6. Combustion & retrogression of planets.
  7. Eclipse.
  8. Astronomical Terms.
Transit and Muhurta
  1. Muhurta
  2. Importance of Muhurtas and casting of important muhurtas.
  3. Result of transit on individual and in general.

Predictive Astrology
  1. Results of planets in various zodiac signs.
  2. Results of special status of planets (Exalted, debilitated, combust, retrograde).
  3. Understanding the results of aspects.
  4. Divisional charts.
  5. Co-relating the natal chart with transit.
  6. Application of dasha for interpreting important incidents of life.
  7. Remedies, Gem therapy.
  1. Ashtakvarga
  2. Matchmaking

For India

First Installment : 75000 INR

Second Installment : 50000 INR

For Other Countries

First Installment : 2000 USD/-

Second Installment : 500 USD/-


Corporate Consultancy
Jyotish Manthan
International Vastu Academy
Jyotish Praveen