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Vastu Visharad Correspondence Course By International Vastu Academy

Vastu Visharad Correspondence Course By International  Vastu Academy
This is a unique correspondence course in which all course modules are sent one by one by post and student is called for at Jaipur head quarters for field training. First round of training is provided after six months 5 days while final round of extensive field training for 10 days is given after completion of course in one year. Right after this exams are taken. During this session, a fast review of courses in astrology, vastu, fengshui & relevant architecture is done followed by visiting vastu sites, commercial places, business centres, industries, home, temples, palaces and historical places. Town are also visited for study.

A workshop system has been invented in matters related to vedic subjects like astro, vastu, architecture plots, land, work ship, deities, occult, mystic, predictions, calculations, luck, fate, major and minor period of planets, stars, astronomy, space karma, fortunetelling, psychic predictions, future predictions, rainfall, earth quake, economy, finance & natural calamities.

Vastu study on homes, houses, shops, malls, commercial sites, temples, palace, fort, business, historical building, town planning, development strategy, making money, wealth, health & peace of mind is the major focus.
In classroom teaching vastu prediction from astrology is a special feature famous quotes are taught there.

After this course student is allowed for field practice. Vastu academy support is provided to him to develop of promote him as a professional or a consultant. Vastu academy certificate carries  a great value to establish their credit amongst the masses.

Duration    :    12 Months
Medium    :    Hindi, English;
Study Material    :    Provided by the Academy
Examination Scheme    :    India: Through E- Mail or Courier
Outside           :  Through E- Mail.
Eligibility for Examination    :    Age must be 18 years

Special Features of the program

Work sheets: Every set of ten lessons will be accompanied with a work sheet. Through the analysis of your work sheets, we will judge your positives and negatives and will guide you accordingly.

Assistance: In case you find any problem with your lessons and want to clear your doubts, you can call the experts on second Saturdays between 2- 4 P.M (IST) on the following numbers:- 9928770003

Field Training: This is one of the most striking features of our program that is rare in Correspondence courses. Moreover this is the compulsory part of this program. We will organize field trainings after the completion of second and fourth semester. This will not only include visits to Vastu sites but also important lectures and lively discussions.

Examination Scheme: Examinations will be held twice a year. Examinations will be conducted right after the practical sessions.
First exams will commence after completion of second semester and the second exams will commence after completion of fourth semester.

Project Work: You have to submit two project reports one on a astrology and another on vastu. The subject can be of your choice and should cover case study with authentic examples.

Medium:    Hindi & English

Certificate: After successful completion of training & examinations, certificates will be awarded in a convocation ceremony to be held at academy Head Quarters. Candidates would be informed accordingly.

Course Curriculum


Description of planets, zodiac signs, position of planets in different houses. Planets

  1. Description of planets & lords of planets.
  2. Natural significations of planets.
  3. Exalted, debilitated and mool trikona signs of planets.
  4. Retrogression & combustion.
  5. Description of nakshatras.
  6. State of planets (Mudit, Vriddha etc.)
  7. Mutual relationship of planets.

Zodiac Signs

  1. Description of 12 zodiac signs (elements, symbol etc.)
  2. Lord of zodiac signs and their characters.
  3. Zodiac signs as ascendant and Moon sign.
  4. Impact of ascendant and Moon sign on a person.

Understanding a horoscope

  1. Description of 12 houses of a horoscope.
  2. Apoklim, Trishadaya, Kendra, Trikona, Panphar.
  3. Factors associated with each house of horoscope.
  4. Yogkarak planets, Ayogkarak.
  5. Lordship of planets.
  6. Acquired and Natural significance of planets.
  7. Aspects of planets.
  8. Yogas.
  9. Kendradhipatya Dosh.
  10. Dasha.
  11. Shadbala.


  1. Inner and outer planets.
  2. Sayan and Niryan (Sidereal & Tropical Zodiac signs)
  3. Standard time, local time, sidereal time, Greenwich time, basic definition.
  4. Precession of equinox.
  5. Moon’s Nodes.
  6. Combustion & retrogression of planets.
  7. Eclipse.
  8. Astronomical Terms.
Transit and Muhurta

  1. Muhurta
  2. Importance of Muhurtas and casting of important muhurtas.
  3. Result of transit on individual and in general.

Predictive Astrology

  1. Results of planets in various zodiac signs.
  2. Results of special status of planets (Exalted, debilitated, combust, retrograde).
  3. Understanding the results of aspects.
  4. Divisional charts.
  5. Co-relating the natal chart with transit.
  6. Application of dasha for interpreting important incidents of life.
  7. Remedies, Gem therapy.

  1. Ashtakvarga
  2. Matchmaking

For India

First Installment : 75000 INR

Second Installment : 75000 INR

For Other Countries

First Installment : 2000 USD/-

Second Installment : 1000 USD/-


Corporate Consultancy
Jyotish Manthan
International Vastu Academy
Jyotish Praveen