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Positive implications of twelfth house

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Positive implications of twelfth house

Some more positive implications of twelfth house are as under :-

1.    Being tenth from the third, in the dasa and antardasas of the planets connected with twelfth will cause progress, promotion and career advancement to the native’s younger co-born.

2.    The native may spend on his mother going on a long travel, preferably on a religious trip, the twelfth house being the ninth from the fourth house.

3.    One may take up an insurance policy for his children’s education or marriage and may be paying premium, if the fifth house has any relation.

4.    In case of borrowings, Uttar Kalamrita says twelfth house indicate repayment of the same, being Maraka for the sixth house. It is mention worthy here that discharge of debt is to be determined not only from twelfth house, but also from eighth house, Dhansthana of the lender.

5.    This house is the fourth house, reckoned from the ninth house, which rules the higher mind. Counting inversely, it is the fourth house from the third house, which is concerned with the lower or ordinary mental process. Therefore, the twelfth house has to do with the secret working of mind. Positively employed, one can unleash hidden force of the brain, for revealing ultimate truth. But in negative terms, it connotes secret plots and schemes, conspiracies, frauds, treacheries.

6.    It indicates life in a foreign place, change of place or a thorough change in the surroundings and environment. It is not necessary that one should go to a foreign country and settle down there. Any place other than the native’s permanent place is to be construed as foreign. If the fourth house lord goes to the twelfth, it denotes that one will have change of one’s residence or a thorough change in environments. If the Ninth house is any manner connected to the twelfth house, i.e. if the lord of the ninth house is in twelve or is conjoined with the lord of twelve, it is a definite indication of long journey and life in a foreign place.

7.    For getting rid of illness and enmity, both signified by sixth house, one has to undergo the periods connected with twelfth house, which is Maraka to the sixth house.

8.    The first house is ``I, me, mind; who I am, what I do. ``The twelfth is frequently ``what I am not, what I do not do.’’ Traditionally, it is described as ``self-undoing’’. It is the most important of the ``moksha’’ or spiritual houses. Besides Saturn, the traditional karaka or significator of the twelfth house, Ketu is also viewed as a secondary karaka of the twelfth Bhava. Ketu is the ``moksha karaka’’ graham and also reflects twelfth house matters to an extent. Ketu is the planet of enlightenment and liberation as well as loss and confusion. Ketu placed in the twelfth Bhava can reflect a deep spiritual awareness.

9.     As per famous dictum of the Bhavarth Ratnakar, if a planet is placed in the twelfth house, its karakatwas prosper. For example, if Jupiter is placed in the twelfth house, it will promote educational prospects of the native; at the same time, it positive signal for the native’s children. It is not a coincidence that George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Viadimir Putin, most important political leaders on the world stage have Sun in their 12th house.

10.    In addition to the twelfth Bhava signifying jails and prisons, confinement can also come through ashrams, monasteries, and other places of spiritual renewal. The great saint, Paramahansa Yogananda stated that `seclusion is the price of greatness’. The twelfth house can teach us the benefit of aloneness, instead of the experience of loneliness. Meditation, yoga, and other spiritual austerities may be experienced through this house. A well-tenanted 12th house is a must for the professions, which require toil and effort in solitude. For example, in case of writers who have to spend time alone working with their imagination and their mind, for producing great classics, the well aspected twelfth house is a must.

11.    The twelfth house is also associated with the bed. Activities such as sleeping, dreaming, and even making love (bed pleasures) are depicted here. Benefic planets here may reflect the enjoyment of the bedroom and its related pleasures.

 - Shri K.K. Baranwal, Faculty Member ICAS


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